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Localism And Ecology Can Reduce Extremism

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Sadly today, many people equate a love of place, nation, its heritage, traditions, culture, and locality with racism and extremism. Seeking to alter this, Exit believes it's time to advocate a new start, one where we look to build a new nation, welcoming of ALL who embrace it, which is based on Place NOT Race, where our local communities are at the heart of everything we do and one where a love of traditions and heritage has nothing to do with race or hate, but is a genuine appreciation of British culture which has helped develop the Briain we all live in today.

Wanting to build a nation everyone can be proud of, one which is inclusive of all who live in our communities, regardless of whether people were born here or have moved here and see it as their home. We believe It really doesn't matter. Pressing the restart button, Exit today seeks a very different world than the one we live in today. We want a world where we think globally, but act locally and focus on building better, safer communities for all.

Building while Covid was at its worst, this terrible time showed us the way through dark days is by communities coming together as one and highlighted how important our local communities are to us all, giving us what we need. Everything from our families and friends, to our local shops and businesses, to our neighbours, whom before we might have only ever said hello to, but now we welcome them as friends, having helped each other with food and so much more during this difficult time.

Promoting Localism and Ecology as a way of building safer and stronger communities, Exit seeks to educate and instil, first an understanding of why this approach is needed, but also action.

Helping people to not only believe in change, but also to take local action to achieve this, Exit promotes individuals, families and communities to develop this approach and look at ways people can grow their own food, help people within the community and shop locally, which will all help build stronger communities Building on this we want people to take pride in their communities, come together and stand against ALL extremism, as all extremists want to divide us. Highlighting the far-right is NOT patriotic, we believe they insult many of our forefathers who in 1939, stood against Nazism, not with it and this is why we believe REAL Patriots must stand against racism, come together and stand against the far-right, so that our symbols, flags, heritage, and traditions are not tainted by any association with extremism. Challenging extremism we believe that the far-right are not patriots and they discredit all those who stood against the far-right and gave their lives defending this country.​ Instead, we want to build a country we can all be proud of, regardless of a person's ethnicity or religion. If you believe that a new approach is needed, where communities unite, respect local traditions and work together, then please get in touch and help us develop an informal network of individuals who care and want to build a better future for all.

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