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No Judgement - Just Support

Get help to walk away from extremism and build a better life

Welcome To The Exit Hate Trust Website

Exit Hate is a charity (No: 1197666) made up of people from various walks of life. We operate under the working name Exit Hate Trust.


Set up initially in 2017, to support people using lived experiences, some of us have had family members involved in extremism and some of us are former political activists who have been involved in extremism and know exactly what it is like, to get involved and have lives damaged by extremism.

Seeking to reduce extremism we offer specialist mentoring support to individuals who are involved and want to walk away and offer support to families providing dedicated 121 mentoring support from a lived experience perspective. 


Providing a Safe Space to talk about people's thoughts, all articles, podcasts, opinions and music produced are the sole responsibility of the author/s and may not represent the views or opinions of Exit Hate Trust or any of our partners or affiliates.


If you are an individual or family that needs support, simply complete the Support Request Form below and we will get in touch as soon as your form has been reviewed, this normally takes around 3-4 days depending on our workload, which varies every day.

Need help? click here - Support Request Form 

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