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Inside Stories Like No Other.....................

Seeking to create a 1-stop shop for people looking for films, which really showcase what life is like as an extremist, we have created the Exit Hate Film Library, which digs deep into the issue of extremism and seeks to not just find out what life is like as an ex-extremist, but also look at the impact extremism has on families and ultimately look for answers.

Creating films professionally, we also support young people to create and capture raw stories that matter and show the reality of extremism, its impact and what involvement is really like.

Seeking to reduce extremism via education, compassion and understanding we provide a safe space for free and open discussion, to develop materials that can be used by anyone to understand the impact of extremism on those involved, their families and also the communities activists live in.

Seeking to find solutions to extremism, many of the things we talk about are challenging, but we have to try and find answers to reduce hate and division.


Offering a safe space to talk, all comments are those of the authors and may not represent the opinions of Exit Hate, our staff or any of our affiliates, but offer a valid contribution to the discussion around reducing extremism.

     Please have a look at our films here and via the listed links, and use them if you need to.

If you have an idea for a film, would like to make something yourself, have a story to tell or would just like a chat, then reach out to us at - and let's have a conversation.

If you have created a video and want to share it, why not send it to us for consideration?

Using multiple platforms to promote our message

you can also find other films on the following social media links

Interested in listening to Podcasts as well?

why not visit our Podcast channel over on Spotify Just click here - Exit Hate Podcasts  

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