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We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and seek to use our lived experience to show people ALL extremism is wrong.

Assisting people involved and families with a loved one involved,
we make sure no one feels alone and help people to rebuild a good life away from the influence of hate and extremism.

About Us

Set up in 2017, Exit Hate was initially a simple community group called Exit UK, but today we operate as a charity (1197666) registered in England and Wales, using the working name - Exit Hate Trust.

Providing non-judgemental support from a lived experience perspective, our staff team is made up of people who care, including Former Extreme Right-Wing (ERW) activists, family members who have had a loved one involved and dedicated professionals who assist people to walk away from the impact of extremism i.e., individuals involved or families with a loved one involved.

Seeking to support people in critical need, we believe no one should be alone and offer no judgment, just support from a lived experience perspective.

While our focus is on Extreme Right-Wing extremism, we do support people involved in other forms of extremism, as we believe ALL extremism is wrong and will always help people who ask, as we want to break the cycle of hate, reduce ALL extremism and stop people getting hurt.

Supporting people at your pace, we engage however you feel most comfortable i.e., via telephone calls, emails or via online meetings, whatever you prefer.

Operating with people making self-referrals, everyone who wants support can contact us and everything is in complete confidence. Full details and conditions are listed on our Support Request Form.

To request support please click on and complete our request form here - Support Request Form    or for a simple chat, please email us at - or call us on 0800 999 1945.

Remember - we never judge and are here to support people.

​You are not alone. 

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