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Individual Support To Start Again

Talk To Someone Who Understands And Won't Judge 

​Exit Hate Trust is a charity made of former ERW (Extreme Right-Wing) political activists who know what it’s like to feel disillusioned and seek solace in extremist politics. Having started to have doubts, eventually, we walked away from extremism and today we have rebuilt our lives, away from hate and now focus on ourselves, our families and the communities we live in.
If you're thinking about changing the way you live your life, then you have a number of options.

You can reach out to ACT Early - who can offer confidential advice and support.

Or if you prefer you can speak to us and we will talk to you from a lived experience perspective. We are NOT the Police and we NEVER judge, and believe, if you want to,  It is possible to leave extremism, but you have to want to do this and decide - enough is enough and walk away.

​Honestly, it won't be easy, but we’re here to help you every step of the way and while others may walk away, we won't. 

​With you every step of the way, Exit Hate Trust is here for you,  all you have to do is get in touch and we will support you however we can.

How We Work   

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At Exit, we treat everyone as an individual. We listen, find out what is happening and provide support if we can.

Engaging over the phone or meeting up online we offer dedicated 121 mentoring support.

Once you connect with us, we will offer a course of mentoring sessions and aftercare support, so no one is alone, and everyone is valued. 

So how do we operate?

STEP 1 - MAKE CONTACT - We know people take a big step when you contact us and you may be worried about all kinds of things, including whether you can trust us or not. That's fine, we get it and to make things feel better we offer several ways to get in touch. If you are really worried (and this is fine) you can contact us using an anonymous email address, that's no problem or you can send us a message via Facebook or call us, on our 0800 freephone whichever way you feel most comfortable communicating.  All our contact points are listed at the bottom of this webpage, so please pick one you feel most at ease with and get in touch today.

STEP 2 - CONNECT - No matter where you live in the UK, you can talk to us. We offer free, non-judgmental support online, by email, text or via the phone. After you get in touch, we’ll reach out and have a confidential chat.

This will help us get to know each other, find out what you need help with and see if we are right for you, then if it works, we can work together to make a plan and support you however we can.​

STEP 3 - MOVE FORWARD - Once we’ve connected with us and we have a clearer picture of your needs, we will then see how we can help. We’ll create a long-term plan offering you support, both emotionally and practically. 
This can include - 121 mentoring support, help to get your extreme right-wing tattoos covered or assist you in rebuilding relationships with family and friends, who may have created some distance from you, because of your views.      


After you have received our mentoring support and it finishes, the door is always open to return.

So if you fancy a chat or need some advice? Then please get in touch - email -



Showcasing how people get support, we have created a number of videos that outline people's stories and show people can change and all they need is a little bit of help. The stories are based on the words of people we have helped leave the far right. Names have been changed and to protect the identity of those who we’ve worked with, we have used actors to play the characters we have supported.

Nathan's Story

Without much going on in Nathan’s life, Nathan found comfort in online gaming. Before he knew it, he was spending all his time in his bedroom, playing games and messaging people in chatrooms.
Getting more involved with extremism, he became shocked after seeing people advocate violence.
Worried he reached out to Exit Hate.

To find out more, watch Nathan's video to see how people can change.

Joe's Story

At first, Joe liked being involved in extremism, he felt like he was part of a rebellion, but Joe’s life was quickly dominated by fear and violence and Joe became really worried when a good friend went to prison for terrorism.
​Reaching out to Exit Hate Trust, Joe was suspicious,  but following support, Joe eventually walked away and today he has a home, a fulfilling job, a wife and a young child and this could be you........................................

Ryan's Story

Ryan had been thinking about leaving the far right for a while. The extremists he'd linked up with had cut him off from his family and friends, with people even crossing the street to avoid him.  Looking for a way out, Ryan got in touch with Exit Hate Trust and here is his story......................

Your Questions Answered

We often get asked similar questions about who we are and how we work so here are some quick answers to get you started. If you want to know more, send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, Exit is a small charity, run by a dedicated team of part-time staff and volunteers, so our response times can vary, but we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Can we trust you? Quite simply, yes. Everyone involved in Exit is either a former activist, a family member who has had a loved one involved or someone who mentors people out of the extreme right-wing, so we get it.

Will you judge me? Never. We’re not here to debate your views or politics, only to help you make a fresh start if you want. We’ve spent years being judged ourselves, so the last thing we’re going to do is judge anyone else.


How can you help? Firstly, we’ll listen, so we understand where you are at and what’s worrying you. We know many people who join the cause are passionate about their country, and are neither violent or a Nazi. Many join for reasons such as social justice, but before you know it, you’re drawn into a world of hatred and violence. To begin with, we’ll hear you out, find out your issues and offer some alternatives if needed. As we move on, we will look at different options and support you to walk away from extremism and start again if you want. It won't be easy, but it is possible, all you have to do is commit to getting support and we will help you as much as we can on your journey.

Are you the police? No, we’re not, and we won’t report you to the Police for contacting us. Helping you is our main priority, but if you discuss planning anything violent, we have a duty of care to report this in order to safeguard yourself and society at large. Seeking to reduce extremism,  we advocate education, compassion and understanding as the best ways to help people see things differently and walk away from extremism. Violence is never the answer.

Are you Antifa? No, we are against ALL extremism and violence, because extremism and violence achieve nothing. We are completely non-political and while we are against racism, hatred and division, we believe the best way to solve any concerns is to sit down, look at the problems in society and look for solutions together. 

Will you help me if I'm still involved? Yes of course. We believe everyone is on a journey and we’re here to help, no matter what group you’re involved with or support. All we need you to do is want to walk away from extremism, commit to the support you are offered and be honest.

OK, I want to leave. What's the next step? The process is different for everyone, and while we don’t pretend leaving is easy, we will adapt to help you, as we want you to leave for good. To get things started, please complete our support request form here -


​Completing this film will help us see what's going on, what help you need and then we will reach out to you.  A contact email is very important, as we may need to send you information, so if you don't want to use your personal email to start, please create a new one to talk to us, thats no problem. 

With Help People Can Move On

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