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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Should We Be Concerned?

Eco-Fascism can almost certainly trace it’s roots back to the dark old days of Nazi Germany, in which many initiatives were taught to preserve “Blood and Soil”. Adolf Hitler’s own admiration for the environment and ecosystem were enshrined within Mein Kampf, and well known within Germany at the time and included Hitler himself being a vegetarian. National Socialists wanted to be seen as the defenders of the Environment—a friend to Animals—and preserves of the Countryside. The Author of this article once attended a Far-Right meeting where it was Jokingly said: “We’re Nazis really Hippies”—something that I have come to understand as a great definition of Eco-Fascism. The main difference being however is that Hippies are about ‘Peace and Love’ and Far-Right Extremists are about War and Hate. Whilst Eco-Fascists create long manifestos in which they claim to want to preserve the Earth and defend it from abuse, the reality is that many do not really believe in this and simply seek to use it as a front to operate under. Seeking to spread its message anyway it can, many activists use Eco-Fascism as a front to mask their underlying Racial policies—exactly the same as the National Socialist German Workers’ Party did in 1933. Promoting a pro worker façade, to gain working class support and then as it gained more power, they turned on the unions and workers’ rights. Promoting care for the environment, Eco-Fascism as an ideology can be particularly attractive to younger people, who are concerned about the planet and may look to get involved with Far-Right Extremism as it is perceived by some, to be trendy and outgoing initiative by them. Where groups like Extinction Rebellion have created various youth movements, the Far-Right have sought to exploit this and make their own versions—by essentially copying the formula. Perhaps, one of the earliest advocators of Eco-Fascism was Savitri Devi, who was a prominent proponent of Esoteric Nazism and deep ecology. A fanatical supporter of Hitler and the Nazi Party from the 1930s onwards, she also supported animal rights activism and was a vegetarian from a young age. She put forward ecologist views in her works, such as the Impeachment of Man (1959), in which she declared her views on animal rights and nature. According to her, human beings do not stand above the animals; but in her ecologist views, humans are rather a part of the ecosystem and should respect all life, including animals and the whole of nature. Because of her dual devotion to both Nazism and deep ecology, she is considered an influential figure in ecofascist circles Savitri Devi continues to inspire many modern-day Eco-Fascists and is often used in Promotional and Propaganda pieces celebrating her Far-Right life. Every year there is a memorial ceremony held by Eco-Fascists to mark her death and celebrate her life.

Closer to home, other celebrated individuals in Eco-Fascist circles include Rolf Gardiner, (1902-71) founder of the Soil Association. Gardiner believed Britain’s future lay not with its doomed empire, but in ever closer union with its ‘kin folk, kin tongued’ neighbours in Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Another homegrown Eco Fascist hero is John Hargrave (1894-1982), often called White Fox, he headed up an organisation called the Kibbo Kift, which eventually became The Green Shirts, who promoted an ideology called Social Credit.

The perpetrator of the Christchurch Mosque shootings described himself as an ecofascist, in his manifesto “The Great Replacement”—named after a far-right conspiracy theory. The awful nature of the Shootings demonstrates the deadly capability of Eco-Fascism to inspire its followers to commit acts of Terror, resulting in the loss of many lives. Today Eco-Fascism is a proven deadly ideology, and one that we should continue to maintain concern about and to combat this we need to advocate a real alternative, one which is inclusive of all and seeks to care for the planet and promote localism.

There is nothing wrong with caring for the planet and during Covid our local communities have been our safe havens, giving use our food, community and support when we really needed it and it is this vain we cam look to promote a strong local focus and identity, highlighting to positives of our communities, inclusive of everyone living within them. Seeking to look finding real answers New Albion is a network which now looks at Patriotism, Localism and Ecology and how these can be developed, but open to all. Understanding people do care about the planet and rightfully so, what we need to do is highlight how Eco-Fascism doesn’t offer anything positive and is in fact a danger to the planet with its warped visions and ideas. Building an inclusive voice for this concern, won’t just reduce the impact of Eco-Fascism, but it will also help those who have joined because they care to walk away from extremism and do something positive, away from hate and extremism.

To find out more, just visit the New Albion page on this website.

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