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Support Homeless Veterans The Right Way!

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

World events over the past 15 years, have caused a mass exodus of people from countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and others to the West and this has led to many legitimate concerns being raised amongst the host population of countries who have sort to support people in need, worried about the infrastructure of the country and how the country will cope, when look at is completely reasonable.

Seeking to raise tension, the go-to line of the Far-Right has always been "What about homeless veterans?".

The Far Right Does Not Care About Homeless Veterans. As someone who cares, I have always personally thought it is disgusting that anyone who has served in a war zone with the armed forces has then on their return been discarded on to the streets with no help at all and potentially left to die, but before the refugee crisis, from my own experience within the Far-Right as an activists, I have often seen and heard far-right activists talk about and look down on people who were homeless and write them off as smackheads, wasters or losers.

When the far-right in the UK had over a hundred councillors and were in a position to raise the topic of military homelessness in council meetings, did they try to tackle the issue and achieve getting any support for those who were REAL Patriots? I never heard of anything. Today, the far-right highlight the plight of homeless veterans, but is it genuine? Often it is done to peddle the narrative that there are people out there who are more deserving of government help than others fleeing wars. The bottom-line is BOTH need help.

In many cases the far-right may talk about supporting Veterans, but never done anything for homeless veterans, with many walking past people who really need support and never give them a penny.

Supporting people in need can take many avenues and there is always something we can all do, from a bit of food to an item of clothing, tucked at the back of a cupboard, it’s a simple gesture, but for those in need it means so much, and it shouldn’t matter who it is that needs it, we are all human with needs.

With all the talk from the far-right, you might expect activists to be inviting homeless vets into stay with them, but in reality, it’s all talk.

From offering the use of a shower or washing machine, to giving a homeless veteran food, the story is the same, it doesn’t happen, and the far-right are all talk about supporting Veterans.

Have You Adopted A Refugee Yet? Looking for examples of true kindness, when some celebrities have stepped up and said they will support refugees the far-right will call out - "Have You Adopted Your Refugee Yet?" in the comments section. But the reality is some celebrities do and the far-right were absolutely mortified when retired England footballing legend Gary Lineker took in a refugee and allowed him to stay in his family home.

The far-right reaction was what you would expect with calls demanding to know why he hadn't taken in a homeless veteran in instead. The reply from many looking at this hypocrisy was why haven’t you?

Looking from the outside, surely, it’s up to Gary Lineker who he has in his own home and who he helps and if he wants to feed and house a refugee, then its entirely up to him.


As someone who was active in the Far-Right I saw activists do some horrible things in the name of military veterans which was in many cases a front to enrich themselves, not helping our veterans and actually making things worse by taking people’s money away from genuine charities that did help our veterans. Saddened and sickened by what I saw, I saw far-right activists set up bogus charities, which scammed £thousands out of gullible, but well-meaning donors, thinking it was going towards finding accommodation for homeless veterans, when in reality it just went straight into the organisers bank accounts.

To this day I am yet to see one veteran come forward and say many of these groups actually did something to help them long-term and in all honesty it was a complete scam in many cases. As an activist I saw far-right groups setting up stalls and using signage that gave the suggestion they were collecting money for Help4Heroes, when in reality they were selling badges they had got made and in turn they kept all the money for themselves. I've seen the most shameless far-right activists getting fake RBL poppy badges made in the sweatshops of China with slogans attached such as "Try Burning This One", "No More Brothers Wars" or "Remember Lee Rigby" attached. As a result, the casual ebayer or person attending an event where these badges or flags were on sale could be forgiven for expecting the proceeds from the sale of these items would be going straight to the Royal British Legion, but they would be wrong.

Despite the RBL taking legal steps to protect themselves from these parasites they were still having counterfeit RBL badges made in the sweatshops of China and Bangladesh and were still peddling these wares for their own profit. Sickened by what I saw, I left like so many others, coming to the realisation, that the far-right were far from patriots and were actually parasites.

Later on I confronted one of these freeloaders, who has a criminal record so bad it would make an onion cry, on a public forum with a photograph of him selling these badges on a stall, he was very keen to tell me he had donated £500 to the RBL and was willing to upload a receipt to this donation. His reply told me two things. Firstly, he had raised a lot more than the £500 he donated. Secondly, he had donated this money so he could use it as a defence if he was ever prosecuted. He will have collected thousands of pounds and bought himself a defence with £500 of the takings. He used to attend protests, demos, gigs and other events every weekend for any organisation that would have him.

Elsewhere on the same forum he would boast of "Smashing a grand" at each one of the big EDL protests, he attended, and he attended dozens. He also had an eBay account where he sold dozens of these counterfeit RBL badges. These actions should not only disgust any true patriot, but they should serve as a warning, showing the far-right for what it is, Enemies of Britain, because not only do they not give help to people in need, as they say they do, but they take donated funds intended for veterans and misappropriate the money, and its time people knew this, so people don’t get conned and money goes to genuine people in need. Want To Help Homeless Veterans...You Still Can

Understanding today REAL Patriotism is about Place NOT Race, many of us still want to help veterans and thankfully there are umpteen reputable Armed Forces charities which you can support and donate to such as the Royal British Legion, SSAFA, ABF, Help4Heroes, Veterans With Dogs and Combatstress, to name just a few.

PLEASE don't give your money to a far-right third party, In my experience it will not help our vets and will simply be stolen going to the individual or group selling the items

So before you hand over your hard earned cash, make sure you know who you buy your poppy off, let’s reduce the scope for these fakes to subvert money away from those who need it most and lets support all those in need where we can.

By: Yorkshire Lad

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