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Leaving The Far-Right - It Can Be Done.

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Deciding to leave the Far-Right can be the biggest decision you will ever make, but it can also be the hardest decision when you weigh up the implications for you and maybe those around you. However, we believe that leaving does not have to be difficult—and that is why we’ve set up EXIT to help you when you are ready to leave the far-right.

The choice and decisions we make can impact upon the rest of our lives—none more so than the decision to join a Far-Right organisation in the first place. We know that membership in a Far-Right group can create a miserable life for those involved, so, our question to you is Do you genuinely want to be a part of this for the rest of your life or do you want a better life?

The answer is that many people are and continue to be involved in Far-Right Extremism despite the adverse and negative effects upon their lives not because they still believe in the ideals of the far-right, but because they are not sure what life will be away from the movement. Often, people will feel trapped, but when Far-Right Activist considers the implications upon their family and friends, we find that they are at the critical point of making that decision to leave and we want to offer support to anyone thinking about this. If possible, one of the best ways to ensure that somebody leaves the Far-Right is through family engagement and support within the home and to assist this, EXIT Family Support has created an excellent number of resources to help individuals, including one called ‘The Why Game’. This is a turn-based strategy Q & A interview which can be played with two people, designed to identify the critical thinking and negative thoughts held within Far-Right Extremist mindsets. Once identified, the Why Game allows the individual to seek and access the right level of support in going forward on their journey, so that they can away from the Far-Right. We know there is a lot to consider at the beginning of your Exit journey, but you are not alone. To start you may need to think about:

  1. Will I get a Job after leaving the Far-Right?

  2. Will my Far-Right Friends turn on me and threaten my Family?

  3. Will I ever be able to fit back into Society again?

  4. And a lot more………………………………………

The answer to these questions it often rests upon the style in which the Former Far-Right Activist returns to society after renouncing the Far-Right group they have been involved with and their previously held far-right views. Here thankfully we can show you many people who have walked away from extremism and started their lives over again, both in the UK and abroad. We have good examples of Formers being able to hold down steady employment, but this often requires a lot of work and trust beforehand.

EXIT has offered support and confidential advice to many Former Far-Right Activists who are looking for work, and once an individual has completed our mentoring programme there is every chance that they may be offered an employment interview at the end as we look to develop the support of businesses to help people start again. We believe that is critical to help people and complete the rehabilitation of former Far-Right Extremists, and Employment is key to being able to welcome the individual back to society and providing them with hope, meaning and value. As we all know hope is something we all need and without it, the world can be a very bleak and dark place—and this is something that EXIT is happy to provide. Because we have been through this, we understand the journey and how big a decision it is to leave the Far-Right and want to give everyone the same opportunity that many of us have so luckily received in the past. If you are on the cusp of leaving a Far-Right Extremist organisation, then you can always reach out to EXIT and we will be happy to show you the path forward. E: T:0800 999 1945 W:

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