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Life After The Far-Right

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

What Next?

One could be forgiven for thinking that the Far-Right does not provide a sense of belonging or familial sense—but they would be mistaken. The Far-Right has become good at supporting the individual needs of those who join these Extremist organisations, in every aspect. Often, we find that individuals who are occupied with Far-Right Extremism are blind-sighted to the reality of a wholesome family life and sense of belonging—something which is only found once having left a Far-Right organisation. As the Author of this Article can attest to—life having left the Far-Right takes a dramatic turn into the positive and the life that should have been led before, is finally realised. There is no greater sense of belonging or meaning than having a job—no matter how many hours or contracts signed—and a family around you. These things could never be possible whilst belonging to a Far-Right organisation as it goes against the core of family values, and this is sometimes overlooked by individuals involved in Extremism. So often we find that individuals who are involved in the Far-Right do not believe that they can earn a steady living with a Job or having a family of their own—we can prove otherwise and challenge anyone to see what happens after they have left the Far-Right. The Right to a Family Life and the peaceful existence that comes with it is not something that sits well with somebody who is an avid advocator of Extremist philosophies. So, the impossible nature of belonging to two different lifestyles is not a possible existence overall. An individual who was involved with the Far-Right but managed to leave after a lengthy Prison Sentence named ‘Jack’, told us that he never regrets leaving the Far-Right. “Within Months I was able to find a job, a Year I had a family of my own and within three years I had my Own House and Car—I felt part of society again”. Jack’s story is not an isolated occurrence, for many who decide to leave Far-Right organisations there is remarkably similar outcomes. Even if not a family, the sense of belonging that comes with a Job and the respect from fellow colleagues and the community can be a reassuring factor in the rehabilitation of Far-Right Extremists. Exit believe that the chance of a Job—or even further education—can be enough to offer the Far-Right Extremist-in-question, the chance to leave the organisation and make something of his/her life. Sadly, though this often comes too late for many, who have spent years involved and wasted much of their life at the disposal of a Far-Right Organisation. While not exclusive, this tactic often works best with the younger extremist who may have lost his way in life and is seeking redemption. Always possible, we believe anyone can change if they want to, all they need is a little bit of help and this is why Exit Is here. To get help to walk away from involvement reach out to Exit and get the life you deserve. E: To see how people can get a better life, visit both of our websites and click on the stories tab – &

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